Character Technical Artist

Santa Monica, CA, USA
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description

Treyarch is looking for a Character Technical Artist to help rig, skin, and implement our characters, creatures, weapons, and vehicles for our current and future projects. Our focus will be to create stunning, realistic, and memorable characters and props that work seamlessly in fast action-60 frames per second gameplay and non-pre-rendered, real-time cinematics - pushing the boundaries of gameplay, art, storytelling, and technology. Our perfect candidate will demonstrate a balance of understanding excellent art execution and great technical execution. This candidate also needs to be a great team player – never putting oneself over the project needs, and the team. 

What you’ll be doing:      

  •  Managing and maintaining asset integration, files, pipelines, and processes on large, multi-studio projects. 
  •  Create and write tools and scripts to help users create content more efficiently, within one platform, or across multiple platforms.
  •  Contribute toward the development of deformation and motion systems, including dynamic secondary movement systems.
  •  Contribute toward new techniques and process efficiency improvements for general character content development.
  •  Rigging, skinning, and asset setup ranging from Characters, Creatures, and complex Weapons and Vehicles, for our current and future projects.
  •  Collaborate closely with modelers, animators, FX, and engineering - ensuring content meets the technical needs for rigging, skinning, and implementation for the game.
  •  Evaluate and troubleshoot assets, look for bugs, and additional polish opportunities to ensure high quality.
  •  Understand the role that bones play in the game, and which ones are used for gameplay and which are for animation; ensuring assets are rigged with these in mind.
  •  Use your wealth of experience as a creative artist and technical precision skills and balance both. Never sacrificing one for the other. 

Skills & Requirements

Minimum Requirements: 

  •  At least three years working in production for games development, or 2 shipped titles or both.
  • Ability to assess the content scope and ensure the successful delivery of content on tight deadlines.
  •  Expert knowledge and production experience using Maya.
  •  Strong knowledge and understanding of facial and figure anatomy, as well as hard surface mechanical shapes.
  •  Strong communication, presentation, and follow-up skills.
  •  Outstanding problem-solving skills regarding creative, technical, and production issues, while keeping a professional, calm, and composed demeanor.
  •  Knowledge of Python (Maya commands and API), using these to develop tools and scripts to improve efficiencies.
  •  Experience using Qt, PySide, and/or PyQt. 
  •  Self-starter and proactive.
  •  Experience working in various game engines and run time packages. 

Extra Points: 

  •  Ability to fix or modify modeling issues, including LOD’s and UV’s.
  •  Working knowledge of Motion Builder.
  •  C++ experience. 

Additional Information

  • Relocation assistance is offered

How to Apply

Please apply here: 

Candidates will need to submit any combination of the following: 

  •  Resume
  •  Demo Reel with Reel Breakdown   

The candidate might be asked to complete an offsite test. 

About the Company

Founded in 1996, Treyarch is an award-winning videogame studio, driven to create awesome games for the world to enjoy. It is an approach that has helped make the studio behind the Black Ops series an industry-leading developer. Call of Duty®: Black Ops, Call of Duty®: Black Ops II, Call of Duty®: Black Ops III and the studio’s most recent release, Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4, have all gone on to break industry records. Additionally, Treyarch is the birthplace of fan favorite, Call of Duty’s Zombies.  

Working at Treyarch means having the opportunity to work on some of the biggest videogames in the industry, all within a culture that values individual talent and the teams that bring games to life. We provide our teams with the cutting-edge development tools needed to make their most ambitious plans a reality, allowing for rapid iteration and the ability to create the kinds of memorable gameplay moments that are ultimately shared by millions of fans around the world. We also embrace challenges, knowing that together, we can overcome anything…and hopefully inspire a few new game developers along the way. 

Treyarch is wholly owned by Activision. To learn more about our studio, please visit us at, on Facebook at, and @treyarch on Twitter.