Lead 3D Animator

Gameloft Montreal
Montreal, QC, Canada
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description

Reporting to the art director, the Lead 3D Animator works closely with the character, design and VFX teams in order to maintain the global vision for the game. They are primarily in charge of producing gameplay animations, cutscenes and/or cinematics that support the vision for the game's narrative and gameplay. They produce these elements while ensuring that animation instructions, constraints related to gameplay mechanics / staging, and established production deadlines are all adhered to.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring the project's artistic vision is followed by leading the animation team and by collaborating with the animation director, art director, technical lead, character team, FX team and the design team, in order to maintain the global vision for the game and overcome production constraints
  • Working with the team's technical leads to contend with constraints related to production
  • Taking part in ensuring that artistic and technical guidelines are respected
  • Helping the technical animator in the creation of tools/scripts, custom rigs and the skinning of creatures/characters/vehicles for which the team is responsible
  • Ensuring that animations produced undergo review while making certain that they are technically and aesthetically compliant
  • Coordinating and taking part in the design of early 2D or 3D elements during pre-production: storyboard/animatic/previs, gameplay prototyping, fake footage, blocking, etc.
  • Coordinating the production of the various animation sets for characters, creatures and vehicles according to design/gameplay needs, while adhering to the established visual identity and animation direction (navigation set, combat/combos/skills, etc.)
  • Leading the production of cutscenes that support the game's narrative and progression
  • Taking part in sensitive/critical production tasks
  • Ensuring that there is constant communication between the various departments
  • Maintaining a superior level of quality
  • Setting a precise, realistic direction by describing goals in a straightforward manner
  • Setting priorities for their team and communicating them to the members of that team
  • Establishing team and individual goals, and communicating them to the members of their team
  • Evaluating each team member’s individual performance and the attainment of their respective goals and determining their training needs
  • Organizing, planning and coordinating tasks in order to increase the team’s efficiency and to ensure that all tasks are completed on time
  • Using discernment to analyze problematic situations and suggesting solutions or approaches, as well as making well-founded, informed decisions
  • Sharing progress regarding projects, tasks and decisions
  • Demonstrating a positive attitude and commitment towards company goals
  • Managing a team while factoring in time and available resources
  • Reviewing work with regard to deadlines and quality of the deliverables
  • Assigning the right resources to the right tasks
  • Performing fair, objective, and fact-based evaluations of their team members
  • Reaching the goals set for their team
  • Taking on a mentoring role for their team members

Skills & Requirements

Required Skills and Attributes:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good communication and leadership skills
  • Pushes to reach ever-higher artistic quality
  • Demonstrates consistent, professional behaviour at all times
  • Reacts well to stressful situations
  • Has a positive impact on the team and studio
  • Mastery of the 12 fundamental principles of animation (squash and stretch, anticipation, staging, straight ahead action and pose to pose, follow through and overlapping action, ease in and ease out, arc, secondary action, timing, exaggeration, solid drawing, appeal)
  • Solid educational background: anatomy; understanding of physics-related constraints both mechanical and organic; basic rules of composition
  • Complete command of camera-animation and staging principles
  • Creative, attentive to details, and able to clearly analyze narrative content
  • Broad knowledge of the visual arts (animated films, games, character design, industrial/automobile design, comics, photography, etc.)
  • Versatile and able to adapt to various visual styles/worlds
  • Mastery of a variety of 3D animation production software packages (3ds Max [character studio, CAT], Maya, MotionBuilder, Spine, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of fundamental production constraints and technical or legal limitations
  • Able to simplify complex or technical ideas
  • Good analytical skills and judgement related to problem solving

Additional Information

  • Relocation assistance is offered

How to Apply


In order to consider your application, we require your portfolio or samples of your work (demos, animations, images, websites, etc.). Please provide the address of your website or portfolio if you have one.

You can apply directly by clicking HERE.

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