Job Description


As an engineer on the core editor team you will work with other engine developers to modify our internally developed game engine to create the foundation on which all of our internal content editing features and pipelines will be built 

Work across many different disciplines to enable artists and designers to bring our game to life and push the boundaries of what people expect from real-time games. 

Work with producers to accurately schedule and coordinate cross-team to deliver polished, fully comprehensive experiences

Skills & Requirements

Minimum Qualifications & Skills

  • At least 3 years of professional C# experience 
  • At least 3 years of professional C++ experience with the STL 
  • Experience developing large WPF applications 
  • Passion for creating amazing AAA game experiences 
  • Strong cross-team communication skills 
  • Good understanding of algorithms, performance, optimization and debugging


  • Previous game development experience and knowledge of game development technologies 
  • Strong UX design sensibilities 
  • Experience with different 3d art packages and pipelines 
  • Experience with DirectX and graphics programming 
  • Solid 3D Math skills (linear algebra and trig.)

How to Apply

Please share your updated resume and the Portfolio Link (If Applicable) at and accordingly we will call back.

About the Company

Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS) is a global staffing, IT consulting & managed services firm with more than 33 offices worldwide. Within these offices, DISYS employs industry problem solvers who have the expertise to understand industry staffing issues but also possess the knowledge to locate inefficiencies, design and implement game-changing automation and other IT service offerings. Whether it is bridging or replacing legacy systems, moving an enterprise to the cloud, creating automated technology to streamline compliance or turning raw data into actionable information, DISYS is dedicated to enabling its clients to work smarter and more efficiently even in the smallest, most mundane of business tasks.