VFX Artist

Valencia, CA, USA
Job type: Permanent

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Job Description

Wayforward is seeking an experienced Visual Effects Artist to work at our Valencia office. We're currently looking for a talented artist with experience creating VFX for console and mobile games. Applicants should demonstrate good technical knowledge and a good understanding of how to create great looking effects within the constraints of console and mobile development. We're looking for someone who is motivated, has a strong work ethic, and is a strong team player. 

Skills & Requirements

  • 1 year industry experience
  • Experience creating effects for games
  • Ability to build effects across a wide range of art styles
  • Able to work well under pressure and with deadlines
  • Expert knowledge of one or more 3D packages (3DSMax, Maya, etc.)
  • Expert knowledge of the effects system in at least one modern 3D engine
  • Expert knowledge of Photoshop
  • Strong traditional art skills
  • Experience in 2D animation is a plus
  • Experience in pixel animation is a plus
  • Passion for making and playing games

How to Apply

This an on-site only position.

Send applications to: jobs@wayforward.com

About the Company

WayForward is an independent videogame developer based in Valencia, California.

Over a quarter century we’ve become one of the biggest independent developers out there, and house some of the finest talent in the video game industry.  We got our start in the PC, Super Nintendo and Genesis era of gaming, rode the educational CD-ROM wave through the 90’s, and eventually found our way back onto handhelds and consoles.  We’ve built our reputation on solid gaming fundamentals, feature-quality character animation, and flexibility and know-how when it comes to bringing entertainment brands into the world of gaming – both original characters of our own design, or comic book and tinsel town favorites.  Over the last few years we’ve become mainstays in the area of rebooting classic game series.

We want to create the most entertaining games under the sun. Our goal is to engage, delight, surprise, and match wits with gamers of all ages on whatever devices they can be found!